Ashtanga Yoga Mornington

At the Yoga Room, our goal for the Peninsula is to grow a strong and loving Ashtanga Yoga community. Why? because as a practice, Ashtanga Yoga is about so much more than simply stretching your body.

On a physical level it can be about building a strong, healthy body and having more energy.

On the mental  level, it gives greater clarity of thought, develops concentration and provides more focus.

Spiritually, its about cultivating awareness and connecting with your inner self more and more every day on deeper, subtler levels.

But what does all that mean for us as individuals and as a community?

Well for starters, if people are healthier, they tend to be happier and more productive. If people have clearer, more focused minds, then they tend to make better decisions with more positive outcomes. And if we feel more connected and centered within ourselves then contentment comes.

A whole bunch of healthy, happy, productive, positive and content individuals…… now that sounds like a community i’d love to be a part of.

So here’s to an even greater peninsula. Spread the word and lets build the Ashtanga Yoga Mornington Community.

See you on the mat.



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  1. So happy to see you all have opened a studio!
    Wishing you luck and love on such a wonderful journey.
    Nicole and Lila =)

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